Funny Tinder Lines

NOTE: These Funny Tinder Pickup Lines Are Only for Entertainment – Use at Your Own Discretion

If you actually want advice, you should check out this post.

I have no idea if any of these Tinder Lines have ever worked or ever will. This post will probably only result in some good laughs. If you are at a high PUA level, you could consider it a challenge to try out any of these lines. Get back to me with proof if you pulled any of them off. You’ll earn a virtual high five, and be mentioned in future posts as a reward.

Some of these screenshots were submitted and some I just found online. I can’t stand by their authenticity. Still a lot of fun.

Tinder: The Place Weirdos and Creeps Hang out

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Ok, so if you are not in that category congratulations! You just improved your odds of getting laid by 1000%. The internet has shown us how many complete nut jobs and freaks are out there. I don’t know if it’s because they voice themselves a shit ton, or just because you notice them more when they do. Are you a weirdo? If you can’t have a regular conversation with another human being who you don’t know, then, the answer is yes.

You are a weirdo, and should work on your overall social skills before hiding behind your mobile screen with Tinder. It will not bring you any success, trust me.

Funny Tinder Conversation



I actually like this response. Fuck this bitch, you shouldn’t even  try to game her when she is being such a cunt. Just move on  and let her deal with her issues. It is so not worth it. You think I’m overreacting? Think about it. She could just have played along  a bit or just not written back or even just blocked him. All of these options would have been cool, but she chose the humiliating one. Not cool.


This is so funny. She might be a bit slow, and I would probably dump her at this point, unless she was crazy hot. His reaction is probably not the smartest and you can definitely not recover from that, lol.


funny lines

That guy really did a smooth save. Honest, sweet, and with confidence. You don’t always need to be a cocky asshole. I would not be surprised if he got a second chance.


funny tinder lines

Not even sure if he is just joking, or being extremely weird. If it’s a joke, it is a pretty good one.


fun pick up

Not sure if this guy is trying to pull off the “bad guy” routine. Way over the top, if that is the case.

for the lol

#1 weirdo so far. Pretty sure this guy is not trying to be funny. Just completely weird, and not in touch with other people. Or maybe a brilliant dude being that way on purpose,  and inside, he’s laughing his ass off. Either way, weird.


Dude, that is one smooth opener. Good job. Was a bit risky because it took some time for you to get to the punchline. If she just ignored the text, if would have been hard to come back after that one.


Well at least he tried. He is gonna be trying a lot. And probably turn into a sex criminal from frustration and too much sexual energy.

so funny

Cool chick response


tinder stuff

This is a prime example of what I mean when I say Tinder is full of creeps. Don’t go for stuff like this unless you just want to have fun.



Points for being consistent. Rarely works though, and definitely not like this, lol. I would probably have tried something like this in the end. “Listen, we could do this every day for the next couple of months but getting a coffee next week will be way more fun in the long run.       

turn her on through text
                                                                                     How was your weekend?” Or something like that. You can sometimes recover from being weird if you didn’t take it too far.

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