The Best Tinder Pick-Up Lines for Men That Actually Work

We’ve all been there – you’ve FINALLY got a hot match and now she’s just sitting out there — waiting for you to send the first message.

You’re a smart and funny dude – but when it comes to sending that first text, it feels like all your game goes straight out the door. I mean, no one wants to be THAT guy – you know – the guy who sends the singular creepy – “hey” – message, then sits on his ass like a chump waiting for a response that never comes.

Or maybe you try to play it cool, and throw in a – “yo” – hoping that it makes you seem laid back and chill.

Stop guessing bro!! That’s a one-way ticket to getting completely ignored. Or worse — rejected.

If you want to pick up off of tinder or over text then you need to know EXACTLY what to say to get her interested right away.

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The question is – what’s the best opener to use when trying to break the ice on Tinder or text message? What do you say to get chicks begging you to take them home?

When I first started messaging women online and on dating apps, a lot of times I got responses, but none of them would ever commit to actually meeting up.

I can’t tell you how many times these chats would end up with her saying something like, “I just want to be friends.”
– or worse – no response at all.

Bro, no one is on Tinder looking for friends, and being stuck in the friend zone blows!

You know what I mean?

Then one day, I got friend-zoned, HARD, and after that – I just fucking made a decision. Never again.

Opening Tinder pick up Lines for men and guys

So I went and found the perfect system for getting laid on Tinder – you’ll never believe what actually works!

Here’s how it went down, and what I learned that actually works.

I was out one night with the boys when we stumbled across a bachelorette party. My buddy Sean made a beeline for these chicks and started chatting them up. I ended up talking with this gorgeous brunette with perfect tits and a tiny waist. It wasn’t just that she was a perfect physical specimen, but we really clicked!

I thought I had it in the bag. I had her laughing at every one of my jokes – the real kind of laugh, not the fake polite stuff. She ended up giving me her number and I decided to play it cool and waited until the next day to text her.

She even responded!

Her response was warm and fast, which had me thinking we’d be in bed together by that night!

But when I asked her to meet up again, she kept dodging me. The more pushy I was, the more she backed off.

So I figured I’d stop asking and try to let it happen naturally. We continued texting for a couple days and when I asked her out on a date one more time. Bro, THE SAME THING HAPPENED.

She told me she just wanted to be friends. I was crushed.
And the worst part is – I had NO IDEA what I did wrong!

Was it something I said?

Was it something I didn’t say?

It drove me fucking crazy!!

The night we met was awesome! She loved me!

But somehow lost all the spark over text.

I knew I had to do something so this never happened again.

I started searching for answers. There was a lot of information on the web, but a lot of it was bullshit. For example, there’s always advice like, don’t text first, don’t text before 3 days have passed, text right away if you had a good connection.

The advice didn’t work, and just left me even more confused than before.

Just when I was about to give up, I found the perfect pick up line system for getting laid on Tinder every single time.

This is going to sound fucking stupid – but it’s called Hooked.

At first, it seemed too good to be true.

But since I began using the tips and advice that they gave, I’ve gotten tons of lays.

Man, I can’t keep this secret to myself.

Hooked is heaven sent, just like its name implies.

No other guy should have to suffer like I did.

Stop fucking around – and get laid off of Tinder or over text message every single time.

Don’t believe me?

Yeah I’d think I was fucking nuts too. But just listen.
I PROMISE you won’t regret it – here’s how it works, and what you need to know to start getting results immediately.

Here’s how Hooked gets you laid on Tinder using a system of genius pick up lines and icebreakers.

If you want to skip all the free tips and lesson stuff, then you can click here to go straight to the Hooked website and get the system for yourself.

First I’ll explain what it is – then I’ll tell you what I learned that actually works. The techniques I use to get laid off of Tinder all the time.

Hooked is a guide that teaches you how to effectively text women and get them to respond to you every single time. Not only will they respond, but this system gets girls to think of you sexually (i.e. take you out of the friend zone!), and actually go out with you.

funny pick up lines that will make you laugh

The guide is written by a Hollywood VIP nightclub host who’s had success with hundreds of beautiful women. He shares his strategies in this guide, and teaches you how to get her to expose her intimate side that she hides from other guys.

Sounds like bullshit right?
That’s what I thought – until I started using the tips and advice and it actually worked.

Text messaging used to be stressful. Sending just one wrong text would ruin my chances for hooking up, or would make her shut down and close herself off.

Sound familiar?

With Hooked, messaging has become the ultimate gift to men.

It gives you time to think of your responses, it’s not confrontational like a phone call, and won’t scare a chick off.

If you know what you’re doing, texting the right words, in the right sequence will get you laid every single time. With Hooked’s help, you’ll know how to send the perfect opener that will get a guaranteed response.

The guide also includes the types of lines you should NEVER send, how to tell when you’ve annoyed her, and what to do about it to recover. You’ll also learn how to compliment her without giving away your power, and how to play the picture game.

Sounds like something you can use?

I know I did. And I’ll use this stuff for the rest of my life!

Remember that story I told you about?

According to Hooked, I threw out the date card at the wrong time. And guess what? That’s NEVER happened to me again.

I am so stoked about the chicks I’ve snagged since using Hooked.

It definitely worked for me. But will it work for you?

If you don’t want to wait – you can go straight to the Hooked website and check it out for yourself. Just click here.

Do these pick up lines and openers really work to get girls to fuck you?

The best thing about Hooked is that you don’t have to be good looking, have nice clothes, or a lot of money for it to work. Most women care more about an emotional connection than they do about looks. You just need to give it to them.

If you’re not exactly prince charming with washboard abs, Hooked is going to be your best friend.

But it can’t help you with absolutely everything. You’ve got to put that beer down every once in awhile and do a sit-up.

Remember that it’s not a magic cloak.

You’ve still got to close the deal once you’re actually on the date.

turn her on through text

But as far as getting her to answer you and seeing you as sexually desirable rather than just a friend, Hooked has you covered.

No more staring at a blank screen or wondering if you’re saying the right thing.

Basically, if you can prime a woman through text before you are even around her, she’ll ride that momentum right into your bed.


Here’s some free advice – this is some of the stuff that worked best for me on Tinder and text.

Because I’m a nice guy, I’m gonna give you a couple useful tips to up your dating game.

First of all, don’t rely on outdated dating advice.

What worked for your Uncle Fred 5 decades ago is definitely not going to work for you.

Hell, dating has changed so much over the past few years that the rules from your married buddy can’t even be trusted.

For example, I’ve come across this one a lot:

‘‘Wait 3 days before you call her.’

Some people have updated that rule to “Wait 3 days before you text her.”

Text messaging is not the same as calling.

If you wait 3 days before you shoot off a text, what you’re really saying is that you didn’t like her enough to show interest and are texting her as an afterthought. She’s just going to get offended, move on and erase you.

Not exactly the message you were shooting for, right?

So tip #1 – don’t wait 3 days to text a girl.

Here’s another tip that you can start using right away – NEVER call a woman beautiful or gorgeous.

This seems to go against your instincts, right?

But trust me, she’s heard it before.

Even if you mean it, it’s not effective and puts her on the defensive since she’ll know you’re just trying to pick up.

Hooked has tons of helpful tips like these that also come with explanations and examples about why they work. The guide teaches you exactly what to say and when.

You’ll never second guess yourself again.

Are you ready to get in on this action?
Click here to get Hooked for yourself, or if you’re not sure it’s for you – take a look at my personal review below.

The Big Question – Can Hooked Save Your Tinder Pick Up Game?

If you’re ready to take your game to the next level, Hooked is definitely worth checking out.

Nobody is on Tinder NOT looking for dates – so every match you get is an opportunity, right?

Can you imagine EVERY match becoming a date?

It’s real dude.

The best part is they have a 60 day no-questions-asked, 100% cash back guarantee.

So if you hate it or think it’s b.s. – then just get your money back.

Hooked totally changed my life.

The strategy works and is easy to do.

Say goodbye to the days of wondering why women aren’t responding to you.

Say goodbye to the friend zone.

And best of all, land those dates so you can close the deal!

Check out Hooked here and get girls begging for you to take them home!

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